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HacKeD By KingSkrupellos/System Ownzzz Cyberizm Islam Army

HacKeD By KingSkrupellos Cyberizm Digital Security Team

No Fear Turkish Hacker - No Damage given to your site. Low Security. Please patch your system.


No Fear Turkish Hacker

How happy is the one who says, I am Turkish !!!

We condemn the massacre in Egypt and in Palestine against innocent Moslems. We will be your Death Angels of Unbelievers of Islam

Stop Killing innocent Moslems in Palestine and other countries !!!.

Euzubillehiminesseydanirracim ( I take cover from Satans malignity to Allah )

Bismillahirrahmenirrahim ( In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful ) - Allahü Ekber ( Allah is Unique )

Le ilehe illallah Muhammedürrasüllüllah ( There is no god but Allah and Hz. Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah )

We will not allow that you are attacking our Prophet Hz.Mohammad (s.a.v )

!!! One Turk Against the World !!! Turkish Hackers and D3facers are the Best !!!

We will be the trouble who do not have any trouble in their life, and who is against us will have another trouble.

We will be the shadow behind you, you will have fear and anxiety in your heart, and we will be mentioned in your gravestones.

We are everywhere !!!

We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.Expect us.

We are not the People who uses his/her country for their personal expedience !!! We are not the People, who do not know our friends ! But you are doing this always

We are not the People looking for a suitable opportunity when somebody falls down and we do not kick them !!! But you are doing this always !!! Stop it !!!

We are the People who are standing next to powerless people.But you know what you are doing ? You always destroy,destruct and bomb them.

We are the People who internalize our friendship very well. But you are stupid.Because you do not know how to have good relationship each other !!!

We are not like you !!! We are brother and sisters !!! Do you know who you are ? You are Unbeliever of Islam and you are hyprocites.

KingSkrupellos ( hacker_20 ) Was Here !!! Be careful what you are doing !! Otherwise you will be always hacked by All Moslem Hackers in the World !!!

The Time came that you must kick the bucket of your soul !!! Because, we came !!!

The Time came that we must to prevent the oppression of the oppressors !!!

If we cannot have a rest somewhere, nobody have a right to rest. We are everything who are standing against us !!! We will be the Death Angel who do not obey Turkish Nation and Moslem World.

KingSkrupellos - H4CK4L - ByAyar - Archavin - D3NG3 - Hacker Peyami - N3OXO3 - J4CK4L - B3LirSiz - SSLestrange and other precious Cyberizm Members

System Ownz By KingSkrupellos Muslim Turkish Hacker

GreetingsTo All Moslem HackerS!!!